Our Experience & Scale
★ 40+ years experience,  founded since 1984.
★ 3 factories, cover about 220,000㎡, over 1000 Workers.
★ One stop production for raw material, dope-dyed yarn, yarn-dyed yarn, covered yarn etc.
★ Super strict quality control management during whole  production.
★ R&D team of yarn solution for various industries.
★ Widest product range of yarn in China.
Our Experience & Scale
What We Can Bring to You ?
★ Ready-to-ship service with 6300 Stock Colors.
★ Products with high quality + good value.
★ Offer customized yarn.
★ Increase production efficiency for customers’ factory.
★ Reduce production cost of customers’ products.
★ Decrease deficiency of customers’ products.
 On-time lead time.
★ Confidentiality promise.
★ Trustworthy after-sale service.
What We Can Bring to You ?
How to prove our quality is good?
★ Working performance on customers’ machine: low breakage, high efficiency, spinnablity etc. 
★ Color control of products: color matching, evenness, washing fastness, perspiration fastness, rubbing, sublimation etc. 
★ Our customers’ products: durable quality, good appearance, no waves, excellent hand-feeling, no knots, no skipped stitches etc.
★ Other important aspects: oil-content, water-content, knowledge of customers’  products. 
How to prove our quality is good?
Our Certificates & Honors
★ Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate Class I.
★ GRS Certificate.
★ ISO 9001.
★ Top 10 brand in China Sewing Thread Manufacturer.
★ Top 10 brand in China Fiber Dyed Yarn Industry.
Our Certificates & Honors